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Maureen Tabuchi is sole practitioner, providing legal services and counsel in the areas of real estate, estate and tax planning, incorporation and friendly divorce. She is consulted regularly by realtors on the taxation of real estate and real estate conveyancing in general. Prior to her current passion as a “lawyer for life,” Maureen worked in the fast paced thrill of Mergers and Acquisitions with Ernst & Young, LLP on Bay Street. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario in 1986, her law degree from the University of Victoria in 1989 and her Masters of Tax degree from the University of Waterloo in 2000. “My Masters degree in Taxation, provides me with significant knowledge and understanding of tax law and practice, and in addition to my legal education is useful for understanding the tax implications of real estate transactions, divorce and business”.

After Maureen was called to the Ontario Bar in 1991, she practiced real estate law part-time as she raised her two daughters, Mika and Rebecca. Back then, deals were done at the registry office where keys and cheques were exchanged in a crowded room and you lined up for hours at a time to register your transfers and charges. During that time, she also upgraded her skills with part-time study in computers, business management, economics and marketing.

A 2-year Masters of Taxation program at the University of Waterloo furthered Maureen’s education. “You learn to be creative when you become intimate with tax legislation. It is important to be a creative problem solver for your clients”. Maureen then spent 5 years with Ernst and Young as a specialist in their Mergers and Acquisitions Tax Group. Realizing that the corporate environment was not where she wanted to spend the rest of her career, Maureen spent the next 2 years exploring competitive fitness and body building while she managed a health club and invested in real estate. She proceeded quickly to the national level of competition and accumulated several awards.

In 2006, Maureen returned to general law practice as a sole proprietor. Her love of real estate law prompted her to brand herself as the Complete Real Estate Lawyer – a Lawyer that makes House Calls. “There’s nothing like the smile on my client’s faces when I give them the keys to their new home, their new future”.

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